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5 Best RPG Games 2022 | New RPGs

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Best RPG Games: RPGs have one of the most devoted fan bases of any video game category. People are spending often hundreds, or even thousands of hours building heroes, playing tales, and entertaining themselves in games like Final Fantasy and World of Warcraft. RPGs are now one of the first genres to take off on Android, and there are lots of choices. Here are the greatest Android RPGs.

What Does RPG Indicate?

A role-playing game (RPG) is a video game category wherein the player takes a fictional character or characters on a mission in a fictional universe. Due to the wide variety of mixed categories that have RPG features, defining RPGs is difficult. Five key components are recognized by classic RPGs. The ability to improve your character by improving the stats or ranks during the entire game.

A fighting system featuring many abilities and real power options, as well as active wearable armor and weaponry. Many of the best games ever developed fall into the RPG genre, which is broad and engrossing, but equivalent experiences on smartphones can be difficult to achieve. It’s a tough task to create an immersive world, have great characters, and have everything run smoothly in the palm of your hand, but we’ve got a few great options for you to consider.

Here 5 Best RPG Games To play in 2022

RPG games
RPG games

Best RPG Game –AnimA

If you enjoyed Diablo II, there’s an Android version for everyone. AnimA is a hack-and-slash action RPG that looks and feels a lot like Diablo, even down to the font. The classic isometric viewpoint, treasure, and gloomy fantasy backdrop are all present. I’ve only been playing for a week, and I’m already addicted.  This is a free-to-play game with paid content, but they don’t appear to be as intrusive as they are in Path of Exile, and you may enjoy the game on your own terms.


Eternium is an ARPG that was built from the bottom up to be played on mobile devices, therefore the touchscreen controls are fantastic. The game was clearly inspired by classics such as Diablo and Torchlight, and it is now my favorite ARPG on Android, beating both AnimA and Titan Quest.

As you follow your opponent, you have 3 levels to choose from, loot to find, allies to save, and landscapes to explore. Despite being a free-to-play game, you can play the entire game without spending any money. Gems are a premium currency that may be earned through gameplay or purchased in bulk. Ads were deleted in a recent update, so you’re left with simply an authentic ARPG.

Genshin Impact– Best RPG Game

Genshin Impact is an action role-playing game that has excellent elemental combat and a fun party structure. With a beautiful open environment to explore, so much to do, and a large cast of characters to gather, it clearly takes inspiration from Breath of the Wild.

It has some monetization issues, such as an extremely gritty ending, and it relies heavily on booster pack features to obtain new players and goods. However, this is a game worth playing merely to get a feel for the location and players. This game is hot right now, so give it a shot on either phone or pc and share your thoughts with us!

Another Eden -RPG

Another Eden is one of the list’s newest RPGs. It was written by the same author who worked on Chrono Trigger, and the composer is also the same. Players go across time to save their sibling and a large number of others from a gang of terrible men. The game’s environment is stunningly built, and the fighting techniques are fair. There are also enough references to Chrono Trigger to fill Guardia Castle. There are several elements, which is why the game is free. The game, on the other hand, avoids the typical mobile RPG concept of having a plethora of options and activities. 

Fire Emblem Heroes

One of the most recent strategic RPGs is Fire Emblem Heroes. It’s a free version of the popular Nintendo game. It includes a number of characters as well as music from the show. You can now play through a new storyline. There are a few different game options to keep things interesting. The core game keeps the old show’s basic strategic RPG gameplay. In comparison to other mobile RPGs, the game is also incredibly clean. There’s also a lot more stuff now, as compared to its first launch. There is a concept for gathering characters in it. This is common in today’s freemium RPGs. Aside from that, the game is quite enjoyable. This is a reason why this is Nintendo’s most profitable game.