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Most Downloaded Game in Play Store in USA 2022

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Nowadays, a sizable portion of the gaming industry consists of android gaming. The most downloaded games from the Google Play store range from PUBG to Pokemon GO, among other top titles. We will discuss the most downloaded Android games in 2022 in this post.  There are currently a huge number of android games available in the Google Play Store thanks to its incredible growth. The Play Store essentially has options in each and every game category from basic simple arcades to strategy gaming

Top Games Available in App Stores

According to statistics, Fun Race 3D, PUBG Mobile, Garena Fire,, and Mario Kart are the top android games. With over 200 million initial installations, Garena Free Fire has maintained its top spot in Google Play in 2022. There are thousands of mobile games available. The number of new releases each week is quite astounding. However, not all new mobile games will succeed, and only the truly remarkable ones will endure.  Mobile games that have been downloaded numerous times by gamers are on this list to make your android gaming experience pleasant and exciting.

Most downloaded game in play store

The most popular game app in the U.S Google Play Store in February 2022 is called Airport Security. The cross-platform game has received 1.2 million Android installations. With over 1.19 million installs from American consumers, Twerk Race 3D is the second most famous gaming app. The best mobile games of 2022 come from a variety of genres, including role-playing games (RPGs), racing games, gameplay, strategy games, board games, and more.

List of most downloaded game in play store

Grand Theft Auto V

The most popular mobile game in history is Grand Theft Auto V. It reinvents the aggressive style in a variety of ways. It is among the top mobile games.

GRID Autosport

GRID Autosport’s drag racing feels like an all-out assault on the senses as the driver struggles to control 8,000 horsepower while traveling at speeds of more than 300 mph. Your mobile device can play games similar to those on a console thanks to GRID Autosport. A game with such great aesthetics ought to cost as much as the original PC version, right?

Among Us

A thrilling action plays. The game’s file size is only about 205 MBs, which is not a very large size. The good news is there is no entry fee.


Wordscapes is an enjoyable word game that functions something like a crossword puzzle. Wordscape’s objective is to use letter combinations to create a variety of words. You may also hunt for hidden words to earn bonus points. The goal here is to compete in events and earn a high ranking on the leaderboard.

Game Flappy Bird

This list will be incomplete without mentioning the once-raging success of Flappy Bird. Flappy Bird is unquestionably one of the most addictive games ever available on mobile devices. It was so great and hard game that the developer had to immediately remove the game from app stores because it was causing huge stress.

Ninja Fruit

Fruit Ninja is certainly one of the easiest games on this list, requiring gamers to do nothing other than swipe randomly over the display. While missing explosions that could finish the round, cut as many fruits as you can. Comment your top scores below.


In 2022, it will be among the most played mobile games. Candy Crush Saga is the most addictive gameplay in-app store. This top-rated and most popular mobile game ever is a terrific diversion, especially when you’re bored or even on a date. This was initially just a simple Bejeweled clone, but it has since captured everyone’s interest and money! One of the top mobile games of 2022, Candy Crush Saga, has the potential to become one of the most expensive habits. Climbing to the top of the leaderboard requires a lot of cheats, tactics, tips, and sophisticated techniques. In the gaming sector, Grand Theft Auto V won the title of “Best Game,” while PUBG Mobile was named the “No. 1 Mobile Game” with more than 85 million installations. There are many other applications with more than 1-50 million downloads in addition to the games that are among the most popular in 2022. We have chosen for you the best labels, and these are them.

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