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10 Best Seo Rank Checking Software 2022

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Are you searching for the best Seo rank checking software to track the performance of your website? You may monitor the SEO performance of any website for particular keywords using the Google page rank checker and other top tools. It helps to evaluate variations in keyword rankings and compares them to those of your competition. We’ll discuss the professional recommendation for the best Seo rank checking software for SEO tracking in this article.

Why PageRank Checking tools are essential for SEO?

You may put any search engine optimization campaign on the right track with the aid of keyword tracking software or search engine result page tracking. To find out what is working on the website, one can track keyword rankings for various pages. Such efforts are paying off if the website’s organic traffic is growing and the keyword ranks are rising.

On the other side, when your keyword rankings fall, these page rank checking tools will send you a prompt notification. Utilizing rank tracking software also allows you to monitor your rivals, which is another advantage. You can research potential new keywords for the website by looking at the search terms others are ranking for.

What are the best SEO rank checking tools?

The top rank checking tools will also display more details in regards to the ranking positions. Generally, the finest rank checking tools won’t only tell you where your keywords are ranking in the SERPs. These tools also provide you access to even more options and filters so you can more quickly identify which keywords and other aspects of your website need further effort in order to grow.

List Best Seo Rank Checking Software

There are countless internet tools that may assist you with the SEO of your website, but the following are some of the best free online tools for monitoring other SEO factors and your SERP position.

Google Search Console

The most popular and versatile tool is usually the Google Search Console, which can be used to monitor the performance of your pages as well as the rankings of specific sites against popular search terms. Simply choose the keyword you want to monitor from your list of top queries to start tracking your rank on Google Search Console. The average ranking position for this page will then be shown above the graph. Additionally, you may see statistics like the typical click-through rate, impressions, and clicks. In-depth information about how your pages are performing in the Results. the countries from which clicks are coming, and the devices being used to access your pages can all be found using Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

In addition to all of this, Google Search Console can be used to submit sitemaps to improve the ranking of your sites as well as obtain insight into how users interact with your websites and other key web metrics. It can be used to create and export reports as well. It is a wonderful free tool for monitoring page ranking and performance.

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SEMrush SEO Rank Checker

The finest rank tracker for tracking your keyword ranks is SEMrush. It is a comprehensive SEO toolbox that many digital marketing experts prefer.


Another great rank tracking tool is Ahrefs. It is a complete SEO and digital marketing tool, similar to Semrush. 

SE Ranking

Another excellent tool for tracking SERPs ranking of any website is SE Ranking. It makes maintaining your SEO strategy simple and effective.

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Serpstat SEO Rank Checking Tool

Serpstat is an all-in-one SEO tool and one of the top SEO rank checking tools on the list. You can use it to track keywords, locate backlinks, examine your website, and perform keyword research.


The one SEO tool you absolutely must have is Wincher. With it, you can monitor the performance of the keywords and acquire high-quality organic search traffic.

SEO Power Suite

Due to its perpetually free edition, it enables you to track an infinite number of websites and keywords and utilize all SEO elements, including rankings, backlinks, on-page optimization, and social media SEO. SEO Power Suite is one of the most well-liked keyword rank tracking software solutions.

Moz Pro

With the help of the well-liked and reliable rank tracking tool Moz Pro, you can boost your SEO efforts and witness measurable improvements in your ranks. A rank tracker, keyword explorer, website audit features, content optimization tools, link explorer, and many other tools are included in the platform’s all-inclusive suite of SEO tools.

Download Moz pro Extension for chrome

Authority Labs SEO Rank Checking Software

The majority of digital marketing organizations use the authority labs software because of its white-label features. Using keyword data and search engine ranking, it automates local, SEO, and mobile rank tracking. Simply give the software specific keywords, websites, and places you want it to look for. With daily rank checking and reporting, Authority Labs will help you know where you stand.

Rank Watch

With RankWatch you can find out more about your ranking position and Seo rivals, audit your website with more than 100 tests, find new opportunities for keyword and content optimization, track and analyze your backlinks, and more.


We think that the best SEO rank tracking tool available is Google Search Console. It is a comprehensive SEO toolset that is simple to use, has a ton of features, and tracks keywords with ease. You can use Google Search Console, which enjoys widespread confidence, to track keywords, and SERP positions, and perform a technical SEO audit on a website. We hope that this article has assisted you in your search for the top SERP rank tracker tools.

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