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Top 5 Free Online Competitor Analysis Tools

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Finding totally free online competitor analysis tools that you can utilize efficiently can be challenging. However, there are free digital marketing analytics solutions that can provide important insights and competitive analysis. Marketing is a battle of fighting for the audience’s interest, regardless of what business you’re in. Because there are so many marketing platforms available nowadays, competition can be intense.

There are numerous competition analysis tools available to assist you in quickly and effectively determining how you compare to your top competitors. And, with the correct tools, you may spend less time and effort attempting to figure out your competitors’ methods. The reason for this is obvious. Competitor monitoring software gives you a better understanding of your opponent’s company strategy. That data can be used to better your own marketing and SEO strategies.

In this post, we will discuss the top 5 Free Online Competitor Analysis Tools

Top in the list of Free Competitor Analysis Tools

Semrush: is one of the most popular SEO tools on the market, but its competitor analysis capabilities set it apart. For starters, you may use Semrush to gather backlinks from your competitors and track changes in their rankings.

Ahrefs: website inspector, helps you to verify any URL’s top of google terms. Also, it is another essential competitor analysis tool for SEO. You’ll also get a good idea of how many visitors a competitor gets for certain keywords. It’s also simple to look at a site’s best-performing content based on backlinks (rather than shares). This data reveals which items or messaging are more effective for a given brand.

Buzzsumoc -Competitor analysis tool

This allows you to search for relevant subjects for your brand and competitors by looking at the top-performing posts. The tool examines a piece of content’s social media interaction as well as its total online shares.

Moz: Backlinks are really important for SEO. With this free tool, you may get a full back study of any of your competitors. Use the information to improve your content, and then approach the sites that were previously connecting to your competition and ask them to now link to you.

VidIQ: A useful tool with a lot of competitor analysis options. To use this, simply sign up for VidIQ or download the free Chrome extension. When you play a Video online, VidIQ will provide you with all of the insider information about your competitor’s video, allowing you to study your opponent’s video strategy.

Use it to acquire competition data such as the tags used in an opponent’s video. The video’s social performance. The length of the description. The number of description links counted. The number of views per hour, and the video’s overall score in terms of SEO best practices.


You may spend less time and effort seeking to figure out your competitors’ strategies if you have the correct tools. Competitor analysis tools help you understand your competitor’s business strategy. In this post, we have listed the 5 Free online Competitor Analysis Tools for SEO. You can use these tools to monitor traffic, backlinks, social signals, shares, and top-performing content. If you want us to write a complete guide on competitor analysis please leave a comment below!